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Being in nature ignites my senses. I am struck by the interaction of the order and the chaos. The endless combinations of lines, shapes and colors of the trees, vegetation and clouds are jumping off points. Pushing paint and colors around has been a passion since I was a very young girl. I pour,  drip, pastel, splash and layer. I use big and small brushes but most often lately it is my fingers that move the paint. I challenge myself to invent marks that best define my reactions and passions. At seventeen a teacher at the Kansas City Art Institute introduced me to the power of color temperature. It is the core of my work and teaching. 

The ocean holds a continuing fascination. For me it is a symbol of the eternal rhythm of being. Its infinite patterns suggest the endless possibilities in the universe.

Global warming has alerted us to the fragility of our environment. My work is a cry to my viewers to want to preserve it. We all need open spaces of beauty to exist and dream.